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Computer U provides technical solutions and training to government, small and medium businesses and organizations. Our strengths are the quality of our staff and their ability to deliver technical solutions which address business problems and provide value to the customer. Our specialty is in database and applications utilizing data.

We are having fun with Microsoft NET and its ability to design and manage web sites - the visual aspects along with the database connections. If you are interested in either training on .NET or consulting and programming, give us a call (651-257-0786) or send an email to

Computer U is a registered partner with Microsoft and is part of the Empower program. Under the Empower program we are developing Doc2Contact to import email address and other contact information into a contact record in Outlook with a minimum of user intervention. Further information about Doc2Contact is available here.

Questions? We're someplace, helping somebody else, working, having fun, or sleeping, but would be glad to help you soon!

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