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What about FoxPro 2.6, 2.5, 2.0, 1.0?

FoxPro and it's predecessor, FoxBASE, have always been "best of class" and stable and a product we could depend upon.

And it always got better. The data engine was more stable, the processing was faster, at least until the slow down introduced by Visual enhancements. That's discussed in another short commentary.

FoxPro 2.6 is backwards compatible with 2.5, with 2.0 and so forth.

The latest, 2.6a, runs the fastest, has the fewest number of data incidents by far. As a programmer who wants no problems, as a business owner who doesn't want to loose data, there's no choice, use 2.6a.

There always has been a runtime developer's kit that allowed the developer to distribute your application royalty free (with a few restrictions).

And yes, the licensing for the user interface changed to a per user model. You'll have to talk to Microsoft about that.

If you have problems running FoxPro 2.6 on fast computers, look here. If you want buy a copy, check out EMS Software's FoxPro for Sale page.

Good luck!

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