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Business Solutions & Services

Microsoft Office 2007 Solutions

Recent projects have included:

  • Visual FoxPro application, legal services corporation. Summer 2002 to present..
  • Security analyst for Web to SQL Server application. Winter 2002/2003.
  • Visual FoxPro Application, State of Minnesota office, July 1998 to present. Completion and enhancement of complex, fully classed Visual FoxPro application. Reports. Data movement. Work on Visual Basic COM+ objects. Deployment of COM+ objects to web servers and data servers.
Support & Network services
  • Network support, user support, city government. Summer 2002 to present.
  • Mailing and attendance list maintenance with Microsoft Access. Ongoing.
  • Moving data files to new computer; configuration of Microsoft Office and data files
  • Setting up home networks
  • Support of various clients using Microsoft Word and templates.
  • Support of various clients using Outlook
  • Wireless network
  • Configuring Security
Solution Platforms and Tools
  • Microsoft .NET with all the possibilities of working identically over the web and side the network firewall. The .NET associated tools begins with ASP.NET and VB.NET and extends all the way to the web server, back end database, web services and the underlying operating systems for all.
  • Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Visual FoxPro works fast with any amount of data. We can also design the best user interface for your users, however that requires a network, not connection via the internet.
  • Some companies are running on FoxPro 2.6, still. But they have restrictions, especially in user interface and data configuration.
Website Design and Hosting
  • We do a limited amount of web site design and updating.
  • With our web host partner, we can help you make your presence known on the web.

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