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Contact Item Builder for Microsoft Outlook 2007

Executive Summary Contact Item Builder for Outlook saves the user from retyping text displayed in one place (an Microsoft Office document or a web page) into Microsoft Outlook. By right-clicking over contact information (name, address and email address), Contact Item Builder creates a Microsoft Outlook contact item for the user to save, edit and save, or cancel the entry.
Solution Summary This is a user productivity tool that builds single or multiple contact items from documents displayed by Microsoft Word, Microsoft OneNote or web pages displayed in Internet Explorer 7. The user moves the mouse over text representing a desired contact item, right clicks, and then selects contact Item Builder from the right-click menu. A contact item is created and displayed. The user can save immediately, modify the entry, or cancel the item altogether.

Should there be a number of contact items in a table, Contact Item Builder will prepare each of the items for Microsoft Outlook contact list, and give the user the opportunity to customize any, save all or some, or cancel all items.

Features include:

* Create a contact item now using right-click menu in popular programs (Microsoft Word 2007, Microsoft OneNote 2007, and Internet Explorer 7.0).

* Contact Item Builder leverages the power of Microsoft Outlook contact functions with the information that resides in documents and web content processed to improve productivity in normal business activities.

* Contact Item Builder understands the most common ways of presenting information about people in text.

* User can save item immediately, edit and save or cancel creation of item.

* Contact items are stored with the user's Microsoft Outlook data store, just as if she or he had entered the information.

* No cut and paste is required. This saves time and detail work, resulting in much better capture of the information.

* Source for the contact item (source document UNC or url) is saved with the item, making it much easier to later confirm the source for an item.

* Default categories for the item(s) can be made and saved.

* Contact data is stored into the Microsoft Outlook 2007 data store or Microsoft Exchange 2007.

People in all industries and in all sizes of organizations work with contacts in Microsoft Outlook. Contact Item Builder will improve productivity in many organizations.


Contact item information is embedded in Microsoft Office documents (initially in Microsoft Word, Microsoft OneNote and on web pages displayed by Internet Explorer. Contact Item build extracts that information to build Outlook contact item(s), which can then be saved in the user's contact data store.


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