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Office 2007 Solutions

Migrate Existing Microsoft Access Applications to Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007

Many sales organizations have all sorts of lists that run under Microsoft Access and are used by one or a few users. We will analyze the database and underlying business process and then migrate the data and process to run under Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007. Availability, stability, and usage across the organization are only a few of the benefits of this migration.

Computer U will migrate your existing Microsoft Access applications to work under Office 2007. We review the status of the application and data:

  • Review business process using the application
  • Identify pain points
  • Identify critical core

We then review the application in light of Office 2007 and Microsoft Access 2007.

Based on these, we plan a development cycle based on what we found:

  • Envision
  • Plan
  • Build
  • Stabilize
  • Deploy 

The solution depends upon

Contact Craig Roberts at  craigr at or call 651-257-0786.

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