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FoxPro Training

We offer a full range of classes on Microsoft FoxPro, the best multi-platform database tool. We no longer have public classes, we teach more often at the client site on curriculum tailored to the client's and employee's needs, usually using data the students will use after the class.

Visual FoxPro 9.0, 8.0, 7.0, 6.0

Visual FoxPro provides tremendous power to develop applications that deliver real value with real data. That power is based on adequate knowledge and skill of the programmer. We know how to deliver that knowledge and traing

New applications should be developed in 9.0 - it's solid and works great. Deployed applications based on version 8, 7, or 6 can be upgraded easily, without major modifications. Because of the Code References tool, the changes are even easier to make.

Training for Microsoft Visual FoxPro for Macintosh 3.0 is also available.

A complete list of topics for Visual FoxPro is on this page.

Visual FoxPro Basics. 2 days.

Working interactively without programming.

Visual FoxPro Application Development 1: Projects, Forms and Controls. 3 days. 

Forms and the data environment. Queries and Views. Events, methods and properties. Object oriented language.

Visual FoxPro Application Development 2: Project Management: Classes, Subclasses and more Objects. 3 days.

Working with classes, subclasses and containers. Form sets, grids and page frames in forms.

Visual FoxPro Application Development 3: Advanced Use of Data, OLE Objects and Remote Data. 2 days.

OLE, Word and Excel charts. Connecting to SQL server from VFP.

FoxPro 2.6 Training

Microsoft FoxPro 2.6 sets the standard for cross-platform development the way it used to be: Windows 3.1, Mac 68030 series, and MS-DOS. Even on low-end hardware, well up to 8 meg of ram, FoxPro 2.6 finds records in 1,000,000 record tables in very quick order. FoxPro 2.6a Windows and DOS runs great on Windows XP.

An Introduction to FoxPro 2.6, two days.

Creating databases, editing, and deleting records. Ordering records, simple reports and queries.

Queries and Reports Workshop, one day.

The finer points of getting information from your FoxPro data. Queries and Reports. Simple programs will be used to place additional information in your reports

FoxPro 2.6 Programming Foundations, Two days.

The basics of FoxPro programming, including the useful commands, functions, and how to work with the FoxPro editor. Learn data manipulation tasks while preparing for Application Development.

FoxPro 2.6 Application Development including Multi-user Programming, three days.

Using FoxPro's Project Manager, you will learn how to use the Screen and Menu builders to design and implement your first application. Screen objects, integrating the menu with READ and editing both database fields and memory variables. Includes multiuser programming techniques.

FOXFIRE! Query Tool and Report Writer, one day.

End users will be able to create ad hoc queries and reports with this great tool. See FoxFire at the Micromega Systems web site.

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