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SQL Intermediate

2 days (15 hrs), hands-on. $ 695.

This is a special SQL class for users and programmers at the intermediate to advanced level.

The class will focus on retrieving data with the use of join and union commands more complicated than a simple JOIN of one or more tables.

The class will be taught using Microsoft Access97 to reach the largest number of possible students without requiring the student to learn a new program. The focus will be on SQL, not Access, and no more than a beginning skill level of mastering Access will be required  Go see more about the prerequisites.

  1. Introduction - Overview of the course
  2. Review of the working procedures, where the data and source files are, using simpler queries.
  3. Managing the process and data -
  4. Where clause -
    1. Comparison operators / Criteria - equal, exact comparison
  5. Tough data
    1. Nulls
    2. Dates
  6. Existence, building criteria for special records.
  7. Join operations - widening / adding fields
    1. Inner, Left Right
    2. Self Join issues
  8. Union - Adding additional groups of records to a result
  9. Building results with views
  10. Aggregate operations
    1. Simple Stats: count, sum etc with grouping
    2. Building Summary + detail
    3. How much we use SQL vs. a report writer for these
  11. Building Complex Data with Repeated Selects
  12. Performing array operations in SQL


  1. Working knowledge of SQL Select - for simple queries
  2. Know the usage in the WHERE clause of the expression operators: =, >=, like, IN ( ... ), NOT / negation.
  3. Usage of AND, OR, and rules for Boolean logic.
  4. Usage of ORDER BY
  5. Usage of summation functions: COUNT, SUM, AVG and their effect on the result.
  6. Usage of the GROUP BY and its usage in combination with the summation functions.

To register or ask questions, call 651-257-0786.

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