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Taking Exams, by Craig Roberts

I see most of the exams as high level orienting exams - asking if we know how to use the tools to accomplish goals, rather than tests of actual use.

These days, I gain my knowledge with all self study. I use the product(s) of relevance, stepping through the examples that relate to the exam. I utilize three or four of the training guides plus MSDN Library. Examples and MSDN are very helpful as exam study tools. I have attended TechEd several times, Microsoft's local TechNet sessions, but not much in the past 4 years.

Keeping that in mind, I work through each exam beginning, say 3 months ahead of the exam. Can I define, use in a sentence, relate to each other the different terms and tools in each paragraphs?

Then I go back into the best "story" text I have and work through the chapters for the exam - using the other references to fill gaps. Now, I'm 10 days away and using the questions to measure mastery of each question's area. Hopefully I have enough time for a first past, then a second when re-process my weaker areas, as determined by the questions.

And then take the exam... With a pass at the end.

Do I score high? - usually 70's into 80's.

I haven't used any of the Internet-based study guides. 

Craig Roberts

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